Uconsole for a06 rom no mouse and keyboard?

when r01 mouse and keyboard work well
but a06 image not work also usb mouse not work too

Are you saying that you have received an A06 Uconsole? and the USB Mouse (external ) does not work… interesting…I have the DevTerm - and with the exception of Bluetooth I’ve found most generic USB mouse and keyboards work fine - is there a bug report forum?

yes ,U console onborad mouse and key not work
usb not work too

oh no! email them at clock work! also have you removed the batteries and taken the unit apart and made sure all the boards are properly seated? did you use the right image for your SD card?

There is a difference between the uConsole and the DevTerm. When I attempted to use the CM3 in the uConsole with the DevTerm image, it doesn’t power up the USB 5V supply. Without that the internal and external keyboards won’t work. (mouse/trackball dead also). One of the control lines needs to be switched to turn it on. I don’t have schematics on the new main board yet so can’t tell you which line.

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Now that is so fascinating! Always use the right image - I downloaded the Early A06 image for Clockwork uConsole when I prematurely thought they would ship soon (soon being a relative term) . but I’ll check the version. thanks! (but I had thought that the two where so similar that it would not matter - but shows you what I know) I really felt like the uConsole was the same motherboard but the keyboard/mouse and display are all different so it makes sense that only the right version would work. My Devterm has gotten flaky on keyboard/mouse will take it apart and clean contacts.

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