uConsole for sale (CM4)


Just FYI I have a uConsole up for sale on eBay. Postage is from NZ. Assembled with a 32GB CM4 lite and Nitecore batteries. Had intended to use this for an audio project but am using a custom PCB now.

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I want to sell Mine. WIll received new one next monday, but I already got one! Black Matte, CM4, LTE with batteries. All new in the box. Give me your best price! thanks!

Apologies in advance if buying/selling is against the rules, I’m new here and just want to get my UConsole faster… @Niclio I’m interested, and I’d like to send you an offer but I don’t want to start an auction in this thread. Could we arrange to talk on a platform of your choosing and discuss a Paypal based invoicing process to protect both of us in the transaction? Again, I’m highly motivated, based in the US. Please let me know.

Hello! yes, let me know how I can contact you! no problem to ship un the US!

Hey I will buy it! Im based in Australia