Uconsole on ebay

Lol this is no scam as its my listing my pictures. I decided to sell it as i have way too many devices but not in a rush to sell it. As for the price i think its justified since there’s none to source on Ebay and wont be for a while let alone a CM4. Supply and demand price is what you set it. Some rich guy will buy it may be but really no rush to sell.

£900? They havin’ a bubble?

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Its the only one on Ebay Supply and demand :slight_smile:

There is also a couple of lots evailable on Aliexpress. Some of them claims that they has 10+ items. Feels weird. Maybe they are scalpers or just selling bootlegs.

Would not trust these sellers they be waiting in the line like all the others. The above posting on Ebay is my own.

Oh right… well I’m not sure how well such egregious scalping is going to go down here…


It’s infuriating but if I had too much devices myself I would do 100% the same.

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I don’t think you have any right to call someone a scalper and to tell them how much to sell their item. You may want to rephrase your comment as I don’t like be ing called a scalper.

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“Buy them …” Plural .

That guy just bought one for himself, got bored and try to make a profit, nothing neither immoral nor illegal.

What are we, 12yo ?

Lol you don’t get to go all grammar nazi for that. It has to be plural because the subject was “things”, that doesn’t necessarily mean multiple items at once, in this case it refers to a number of possible items at unspecified periods of time.

Actually I think that it does matters, it would have been a nuisance if he had bought a bunch of them.

In his case its at worst kind a petty … I mean no need to ask for him to be ban … that would also be kinda petty.

No nazi shit whatsoever, it’s not even my language

You can be a scalper with just one item, look at the recent PS5 crisis.

I did’t ask for anyone to be banned? I just pointed out people here provably won’t be keen on uConsole scalping when so many are still waiting for their orders then just added clarification about the colloquial definition of scalping…

As for the last, probably not best to try to correct or misconstrue the meaning if you don’t understand it.

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Dude, Ps5 … “crisis” ?!

In all honesty I’m just arguing for the sake of it, I don’t even know the guy.

I’d say If someone thinks that shit’s worth 1k then I too will sell mine, also I have old ti92 and shit :laughing:

Hyperbole, exaggeration for effect. It did however cause a lot of people a lot of upset and that, along with GPUs, is one of the biggest causes of anti-scalping sentiment in the current climate.

Whilst I’m absolutely not supportive of it, I don’t really get why you decided to come after me for clarifying the common meaning of the phrase?

What I do think is wrong though is how the original post seemes to imply it was a found eBay listing and not OP’s own listing which was not stated until the aliexpress links were posted.

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So, man, did you sell it the price you asked? I m curious!

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