Uconsole pre order!

I second the concern about game buttons, and it goes back to the Gameshell for me unfortunately, especially the d-pad. It was a rough pill to swallow to find out that the buttons on the Gameshell aren’t up to snuff for fighting games or others that need physical support in buttons to ensure clean presses, or at least some stabilization to prevent things like diagonal pressure leading to non-presses. If the uConsole doesn’t improve on that (it would be as easy as opening up any popular old handheld and seeing how it guarantees button stability) then it relegates it to a dev machine only for me, and I probably won’t be interested (I’d probably just lug a laptop around instead). I’m not really comfortable pre-ordering for that single reason too.

Ahhh, I miss these!! I liked when phones had physical keyboards, which is basically why the uConsole interests me anyways. It totally feels retro like the DevTerm, which I assume was designed after the Radioshack TRS-80 Model 100.

Just preordered mine, not sure when the item is supposed to ship. I have been on the market for something similar/smaller to the dev-terminal. This definitely fits the bill for me. I absolutely love the GameShell.

I am very much interested in developing data-capturing applications, such as logging the different wifi and Bluetooth devices in a particular area, etc… This should be a fun ride. I really like ClockworkPi!

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I’ve definitely got an eye on the uConsole, but I don’t really have the money for it right now :< if I get enough I’m definitely looking into getting the A06+LTE variant - it looks really fun to play around with!

Not me. It appears to be based on pretty much the same hardware as the DevTerm, which means janky OS with no continued support and probably no sleep mode either.

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Why can’t the keyboard be better?


That enter key is a huge improvent. Not as convinced by the bottom right buttons but it definitely makes better use of the space.


One thing that always annoys me is when the ctrl and fn keys are switched. Requires extra thinking every time.

Still, as soon as I can talk my wife into it… :wink:

So I can use my existing processors? I have my Risc CPU that just arrived.

Yeah I was thinking about the heat, I don’t see any vents for air flow?

Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 19.31.58
Burr button spotted!!


I’ll just leave this here for non-discordians…


I really really really wished they would go with a proper d-pad instead of these 4 separate wobbly button designs! (^_^); It would make things infinity more better.


LGTM, and I bought one. But I really wanna ClockworkPi to update new modules for GameShell… (TAT)

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What we actually need now are so real world details

Battery life expectation using the 2 onboard batteries?

Is the USB-C solely for power or is there OTG functionality, data functionality etc?

The schematic states a “40 Pins GPIOs expansion interface (using standard 0.5mm FPC connector)”. I assume on the schematic that is the one labelled “40 pin GPIO”, is there any way to access this when the unit is assembled?

Ditto, since it is a very small ribbon attachment point, does Clockwork provide or anticipate it will provide an external case with this plugged and exposing the standard 40 pins for a Pi?

Does the “On/Off” button just cut power to the Pi or does it do a graceful shutdown?

The spec write up states " Standard USB-A 2.0 interface x 3 and an internal contact interface for the Keyboard module", I can see the USB-A, I can see the label for "Internal USB for Keyboard that leaves 2 other USB-A ports…? pogo pin, pad connection point…?

Thermals… The device appears passively cooled, has any testing been done to see if the passive solution leads to throttling under load?

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+1 for wishing for a proper d-pad! (or well, a general hope that the directional buttons are better than on the DevTerm)

I’m also eager to see some more real world pics of it in use. Because in my mind it resembles a Pocket Operator, but then I’m sure in reality it’s wayyyy bigger than that.



Well you can see the comparison with a DevTerm above which is about the size of a DVD case, just a little bit wider.

And yeah, really wish they would do a “rocking” style d-pad instead of the separate button thing, basically every other device for retro game emulation, fantasy console etc. has that style.


Pre-ordered almost right away… and felt buyers’ remorse 5 minutes later :smiley:
I just have too many gadgets with no use cases for them, but this will basically make Devterm obsolete for me. But I love it already.
I just wish it would have a touch screen finally. It’s not that I need it most of the time, but how much would that add to the price, 2$? For me that would make it more useful for ScummVM, DOSBox, Exult etc.

For those who know what that is this is basically Pocket C.H.I.P. reborn and even the size is veeery close - based on the images and comparison to my PC it’s almost the same height and will be ~1-1.5cm wider (half an inch).


Pretty sure it will be a proper shutdown button, because the one on DevTerm is.

With full metal body I’m sure it can easily cool the A53 cores, with the A72 not so sure but hope as well.

I think the images show expansion port cutout so it should be accessible I hope.

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I realized I preordered but have no delivery estimation. Anyone have a guess?

did someone say pocketchip (scaling may be totally wrong… who knows)