uConsole shuts down after 15 seconds

No matter what I seem to do, my uConsole turns itself off after 15s when the CM4 is installed with a working SD card. If I remove the CM4, I’ll get a green light that stays on no problem. If I remove the SD card, the green light stays on no problem. I plug in the CM4 with a good SD-Card, the green light will stay on for 15 seconds and then shut off on its own. It will do this on battery, or plugged into USB-C with batteries removed. I’ve tried several SD cards and used a fresh image on the SD cards and it shows the same behaviour. My adapter is 5V at 3 Amps and my batteries are the correct type and fully charged according to an external charger. I’ve plugged in an external HDMI cable and the boot process begins and seems to start correctly and then after 15s it just shuts off! Any ideas what’s causing this or how to fix it?

Is there an operating system on these good SD cards?

Yes. All the SD cards have had fresh images of uConsole_CM4_v1.3g_64bit.img witten using Balena Etcher (latest version).

Does your CM4 have EMMC storage or is it a lite version?

I have the lite version. It DOES start the boot process when connected to an external monitor, but consistently right at 15-16 seconds it shuts down. I’ve timed it and out of the 10 times it shut off, it was 15-16 seconds from power on each time. The CPU never gets above 25 degrees so it’s not going into thermal protection so far as I know.

Maybe its a power/battery issue