uConsole Touch Display

This is the Kwumsy K3. I got this keyboard specifically for the uConsole.
The touch display works great but there are some display settings that need to be configured - all in all I’m super happy about this setup!
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Duuuude, this is so cool, $120 !

Basically it’s mechanical keyboard and a screen with the same form factor as the dev term.

Take my money :slight_smile:

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Where’d you get a price of $120?

According to the Kickstarter, the MSRP was $399 and the cheapest super early bird price during the kickstarter was $229.

Doesn’t seem like they are selling any more that the kickstarter run, either?


You are absolutely right, was looking at the wrong device :frowning:

Got too excited and know I’m sad :pensive:

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I use a gaming portable flat screen and external keyboard for my DevTerm - beauty of this is that it’s all in one…

I was using a portable Asus screen and keyboard with my SteamDeck, and I will use this keyboard going forward.

I had the ficihp k2… now i have the kwumsy k2… the ficihp microcontroller failed if you left it plugged in overnight… would have to disconnect and re-connect to get the keys to work again… the kwumsy led controller is programmed funky… if you have the static color set to a rainbow rgb setting… you can program game mode with individual keys to the color of your choice… but if you have it set to a regular static color… it wont save other colors… just the one you have static… OP will have to comment if this is fixed on the k3 (or if it even has that mode anymore)… pretty sure its all the same company… i have no idea the shell game they have been playing… but all and all… solid construction… and if you don’t spill anything on the first one… they are useful and satisfyingly clicky. also have the kwumsy p2 on my work laptop… besides the quirks listed… they are solid products.