KVM expansion board

As many here I am waiting for the uConsole. One of my usage would be for remote access of servers and I think it can be very useful in a server room environment.
I was thinking that an expansion with HDMI capture input and a USB host (to emulate keyboard and even mouse) would be a cool thing. That would make it a portable KVM device, a nice server console.

I did find a device that has this particular feature as a replaceable module, the GPD Pocket 3 Mini, a bit too expensive though.

Anybody here might interested in such an expansion?


I definitely would be interested in something like this. In addition to being the ultimate crash cart, it would make working on small headless projects like raspberry pi boards or test machines much easier.

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on my headless RPi’s i use this

Back in the forum someone (that got their unit) was using a k2 in the picture they posted… k2 is what i have… jealous of the k3… but whatever…

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This would be so cool, and I would love to have a kvm and a a LAN expansion board with 2 rj45 ports.