uHub Expansion Card

I was thinking about developing an external network card, but it gonna be challenging from mechanical design prospective. Dimensions of uConsole expansion card opening is too narrow to fit standard RJ45 connector.

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I plan to do this after the arrival of my console. Recycle the case of ready-made external USB cards and solder the usb input inside. I hope for your help in the future!) Sorry for my English :smiley:


Maybe a GPS module instead?

The 4G module has GPS as well. It’s just neither well-documented nor well-publicized.

Danged! I would have gotten the 4G module had I known it had GPS. :rage:

(edit: But then I would not have space for the beloved uHub :grinning:)

Anyone know if it is possible to solder an internal USB connector off the 4G board? Is it using both USB to communicate with the radio/GPS?

EDIT: From the schematic it looks like USB4 isn’t used.

If you make it work, share the details with us :slight_smile:

yes, its possible. see free usb - but you have to use a different source for ground (there are plenty)

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I saw that post originally and it made me wonder if it could still be achieved on a populated 4g board. As far as I could tell, it had only been done on the unpopulated boards that just pass through the sound.

yes, just use the pins for the second usb port.

Wait hold up…does anyone know what chip its using for the GPS? Its not an F9P is it? Or is it some kind of fake GPS by triangulating off of cell towers?

Would be good to know because my entire use case is to create an RTK-corrected GPS device.

Nope, it is build-in in SIM7600G and is controlled via AT commands. Then it can produce normal NMEA data.

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Well bummer. And looks like they aren’t selling the 4G module separately.

Ah well