uHub Expansion Card

New open-sourced uConsole USB Hub just dropped! :tada:

Design files: GitHub - dotcypress/uhub: uConsole USB Hub Expansion Card
Tindie store: https://www.tindie.com/products/quadbit/uhub/


uHub back in stock :tada:

Just ordered two (spare 1 too!) thanks!!! and please take my money!!! great job!!

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Just curious, what is the internal Type-A USB soldering kit?

It’s not ready yet, but it’s just FFC-USB-A adapter board with all components needed and FFC cable.
Also, USB-C kit will be available later.

So, the FFC cable will spill out from the expansion card?

Yep, and then you can connect any USB-A/USB-C device and place it near batteries

Expand storage would be nice for CM4’s with built-in disk.

Thanks Vitaly! Just ordered as I was missing USB-C data on the default inputs.

Any idea what the power consumption is? Not counting anything plugged in of course.

Virtually nothing: 450uA :nerd_face:


Not quite sure how I would use this, and I don’t even have the uConsole yet, so I just ordered the expansion card for now.

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Also, you can turn your uHub to something similar to uPico. :nerd_face:
FFC pinout is compatible with RP2040-Tiny board, and uPico client software have support for such configuration.

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@Vitaly just so you know you have a typo in your Tindie shipping policy, “bisiness”

Also: ordered both the uPico and uHub boards on the 11th. Didnt see that there was an internal FFC connector kit option on the order page for the uHub, can you share a link to the FFC connector you used so I can add one to my board?

Oopsie, typo fixed, thank you!

FFC connector is FH12-10S-0.5SH

Also, if you give me your order number I will include connector, cause I have a few spare ones


Can I have a connector? Order #432212.

Yep, will include connector!

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That would be awesome! Order 432200

No problem! Will include it

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Hey vitaly,
I would love one too
Order #432194

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