Understanding battery module pinout; upgrading battery module

That is an assumption, but the power section of the DevTerm seems to work just fine so unless you can’t get parts you stay with it. In large volume manufacturing, you redesign it to save money. They just aren’t making enough units to justify the cost of redesign.

True, though in the present day availability problems are massive and parts cost fluctuates wildly. It wouldn’t surprise me if there were some revisions due to parts being hard to get or their cost quadrupling.

though i doubt the AXP228 will change as it seems to meet their spec of 2.2A USB charging at insanely high efficiency levels (claimed 98%) and seems readily available.

I just need to see if there’s anything i need to change to make it charge Li-Po instead.

I intend to make heavy modifications to the Uconsole. Im honestly buying it for the keyboard and track ball more than anything and the fact that i can run a CM4 core which brings me into ‘standard hardware land’ so I don’t need to fight with proprietary drivers out the ass (looking at you Mali).

but the first thing to be changed in the battery(s) for sure.

Sounds like fun to make a bunch of changes. I might get around to doing that at some point. I also have a Beepberry on order and have redesigned the PCB already. I will likely have mine this week and will have parts of it running shortly. I agree on the driver issues, software can soak up massive amounts of time.

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I have the TI Rocket board - never did anything with it - it was like $15 when I purchased it…

If you prefer the Arduino environment, many of the MSP430 boards work with Energia. It works just like the Arduino but it is for the MSP430 series.

This is a great topic - can’t contribute, but I learned a lot. Thanks to everyone who weighed in.


You kind of sound like an AI dude.