Battery newbie’s paranoid worrying(HELP)

I’ve got uConsole last week.
So I’ve install 18650 cell on it.
This is my first time to use the 18650 cell so I worrying about it.
Worrying point: In normal use, Is the battery not gonna explode or fire?
(fyi. This is not about device problem or manufacturer problem. This worrying from my ignorant about battery or electricity)

Model: uConsole (using 4g/lte module too, but I don’t think it’s related to)
Battery: LYCAN 18650 3500mAh 3.74v (2 quentity)

Also I edit udev rules.

echo 'KERNEL=="axp20x-battery", ATTR{constant_charge_current_max}="2200000", ATTR{constant_charge_current}="2000000"' | sudo tee /etc/udev/rules.d/99-uconsole-charging.rules

This battery manufactured in South Korea, and the cell from the LG. It applied PCM circuit(protected from Overcharge(4.325V), Overdischarge(2.5V), Overcurrent(8A), Short Protection). Wrapped cover, CE | KC | RoHS Certificated. The LYCAN company making flashlight so these 18650 for the flashlight…

  1. Is it safe enough? like, I cannot let it put on my home cause even if when I’m not in my house, I worrying about house burning. Is this paranoid / over thinking too much?
  2. Even if it is safe enough, Can I use uConsole while it charging despite battery fully charged already? (Is the PCM prevent overcharge circuit for this?)
  3. As I wrote that udev rule changing thing is safe for these kind of use and worrying?

Maybe, It can be overthinking too much, but my ignorance needs your help to decrease my battery paranoid anxiety…

Thank you for the help.

Additional info: I am not gonna stab the battery or let it over 60°C environment.

I don’t even have a Uconsole but I’d for what it’s worth I’d say you’re correct about being paranoid. You’re using the proper size battery with built-in protections. You should be fine. It’s not like it’s a lightsaber that requires specialized 18650 batteries that put out a constant 15 amps.

It is…! Come to think about it, people using unprotected 18650 cell for the e-cig a lot. And people put it front of their face. It can be not that much unstabled… anyway, thanks for your answer @Nunya! I wish your uconsole ship earlier than you expected!

all of escooter or euc use unprotected cell, 18650 or more powerful 21700… the more important is the battery management and the cell quality
Never let charging for hours a cell already charged
Don’t charge a hot cell, let’s the cell cool down before
Don’t let a cell discharge under 3.0v
Never charge a cell under 3.0v

I don’t know if the uconsole have a passthrough power at full charge,I suppose it’s no, so when it’s 100% charged I remove the charger…

I got 6 hours of use

As you said, management will be the safe rule for the battery ig…
Gonna use it carefully as you said and listed! thanks @Jovial !!