Update the OS without lose everything

Hi there !

I heard the 0.4 version of the OS is out.

I’m currently downloading the img file, but I have a few question.

First, would it be possible to update libsdl2 to the 2.0.6 version ?

Can I update from my current 0.3 OS without lose all my datas ?

Thanks :wink:

I don’t think there is a way… if there is, I would also like to know

Micro007 is not ENTIRELY correct. but its not quick and easy. what you can do is copy the entirety of /home/cpi/games and /home/cpi/music/ as well as any custom menu items/themes/etc you have done.

then flash 0.4 and restore them (without overwriting files). but this is FAR from a good solution.

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Since v0.4 ,it’s possible to upgrade the system without re-flashing in future

v0.4 binds the system to debian stable
and move out all emulators to ~/apps/Menu from launcher

so in future
we just need to upgrade lima,kernel,launcher,and do an apt-get upgrade later ,that will make the system up-to-date