Upgrade path for Clockwork OS v0.2

I noticed a post on twitter about the release of a new version of the OS. Is there an update path that doesn’t involve flashing a new image?


Thanks for the heads up! Wonder why there is no such post on this forum, this is major news. I have burned the image to the sd card and started using it already. IMHO the file size (4GB) is enormous to flash it over the air, it is better to do a clean install and flash it to the sd card, it is very easy to do it using a program like etcher.

But it’s super inconvenient… I have a32gig card full of programs… I can’t back it up because the images are different.

I’m just supposed to erase everything I have a redo it? That’ll take me a weekend lol

buy a new one

I updated thru settings. Everything seems to be there.

What is LauncherGo? Nothing changes for me lol

For me the only change in LauncherGo are the fewer options in the Settings screen.

that may have updated just the launcher, not the rest of the OS. I assume that doing a ‘sudo apt update’ + ’ sudo apt upgrade’ will update the OS to the latest …

Burned and shows clockworkpi logo and then system halts


Things I noticed on v0.2:

  • uses a different repository (longer term support).
  • has an updated kernel on the BOOT partition (better USB-recognition).
  • has updated its network interface (USB-hotplugging).

Hence, even if you update the launcher and sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade, it is still doesn’t have these features.

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Sorry, are you saying that we need to to that to get the 0.2 update? I just did a usual update/upgrade and it didn’t update much of anything

I am saying the opposite. :slight_smile:

Some improvements in the v0.2 image cannot be automatically received by fully upgrading your v0.1.

Flashing might be mandatory to get ALL features of the v0.2 image.

(Furthermore, I always use full-upgrade to upgrade an OS using apt myself because it is a “smarter” version of upgrade.)

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I did sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade and the update the launcher from the settings menu.
Now I have Launcher v. stable 1.23 and kernel 4.14.2-clockworkpi-cpi3-g016f063

I have several new options in settings menu: bluetooth, notifications …etc but:

  • Bluetooths freezes the system when trying to scan
  • Launcher update: checking for update gives: “Checking update failed” error

I have two questions:

  1. Do I have the latest v0.21 image on my system?
  2. Is there a way to upgrade the system to v0.21 without flashing?

And for the creators of the gameshell, please provide more detailed information about the updates and new features.

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I think the right kernel could be missing and causing the freezes. @guu posted it somewhere here in the forums.

At the very minimum, you need to download the 0.21 image and mount the FAT32 partition to move the boot files to your current SD card.

So if you update, full-upgrade, and update the kernel… you can completely update proper without a reflash and data loss?

0.21? I found only 0.2 so far, do you have a link?

The OP of the GameShell OS Image Files post

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Manual upgrade guide has been posted on GitHub wiki page.

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… may be easier to reflash the device after-all :frowning:

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Is there a v0.2x changelog available anywhere?