Upower hoarding 100% cpu

I was trying to compile some things today and I had a couple of freezes, I tougth it was a cable issue so I got my best cable and tried again and yet again my system crashed.

I discovered this anomaly:

Anyone ran into the same issue?

Aditional info:
Launcher version 1.24

have not seen that

upower is only used by ~/launcher/sys.py/gsnotify/Jobs/00_lowpower.sh

and 00_lowpower.sh is just a one time job ,so not sure why this happend

It only happened on launcher, launchergo didnt have that problem, git pull or git reset didn´t solve it so I deleted the launcher and did a git clone, so far the issue seems gone.

Can you give an instruction? Have same issue don’t know what to do.

Connect through SSH and then:

rm -r launcher
git clone https://github.com/clockworkpi/launcher.git
sudo reboot

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