Checking update failed

Hi all,

When i do this commands to return to launcher 1.21 my gameshell crash and launcher don’t start :

git pull
git reset --hard 4ad8806

I have download and restore launcher 1.21 from GitHub. All seem work fine but when i try to check update, i have this message and gameshell crash :

Cheking update failed

another problem : when i quit a game, infinite load

thank for your help.

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did the same as you and when I check for an update now, it asks me to update to the new commit hash version. so no problem here

Weird, when i check for updates on mine after downgrading to 1.21 using gitpull (hard downgrade) keeps stating that 1.21 is the latest version. Any ideas what might cause this anyone?

They have apparently removed the 1.22 update. I recently did the Update and it reverted my GS to 1.21.


Thanks! Would explain it :slight_smile: