Rebuild Native Launcher?

I saw in my Settings on my Gameshell (ClockworkOS v0.2x) that there was a update, it was weird because it said something like, “Update to 00255e” or whatever. Something like that. I made the mistake of launching the update, and now when the Gameshell launches, it just sits at “loading” and never loads anything. My guess was the update was borked or something.

I dont want to rebuild the SD Card again, and I’m not quite ready for ClockworkOS v0.3. How can I rebuild my launcher without reflashing the card?

I’ve had the same issue. I’ve just rebuilt mine. Didn’t take long and mostly there. When I’ve completed I’ll be taking a backup of it to restore it in such a case. Sorry it’s not an answer to your question but posting so I can see the answer too.

When you say rebuilt, you mean reflashing the SD with the whole OS?

ssh into gs

cd ~/launcher
git pull

Yeah that’s what I mean.

Thank you @guu, you da real MVP.

Sorry for the n00b question. Having the same problem myself. How do you ssh into GS when it’s not connected to a wifi?

OK - got it to work with a working USB cable. I have access to it, cd’ed into ~/launcher and running git pull gives me “Already up to date”. Any ideas? Still stuck in loading.

You can directly go back to specific versions of the launcher. To go back to launcher 1.22, SSH into your gameshell and do

cd ~/launcher
git checkout 1.22

To list all available versions

cd ~/launcher
git tag

Thank you. I’ll try that in a bit. My OS is on 0.1 so the launcher may not be compatbile me thinks. I did some tinkering with .bashrc and modified something and now it’s stuck at ‘happy hacking’. If someone has an unmodified .bashrc from 0.1, I would be grateful.

this .bashrc works well with latest launcher

it has not much difference than v0.1’s bashrc

except the bottom part

if [ -f ~/launcher/.cpirc ]; then
   . ~/launcher/.cpirc

if you really want to recover the v0.1 .bashrc
just replace the above to be like

if [ -f /tmp/autologin ]
	rm -f /tmp/autologin
	mpd ~/.mpd.conf
	startx -- -nocursor > /dev/null 2>&1 

but .bashrc in v0.1 and v0.2 will both not work with the latest launcher
since v0.21, we changed .bashrc

I think i’m doing something wrong. I changed the bashrc to both methods and nothing boots. One gets stuck in happy hacking, the other in loading.
Curious thing is, digging around the files I noticed the launcher is moved to /home/cpi/launcher instead of /home/cpi/apps/launcher. So i removed mine from apps and placed it in /cpi/ instead. So the launcher is now updated to 1.24, but my OS is still on factory version, as I haven’t manually updated to any of the ones released. Could this be the case? I haven’t seen an option to update the OS in settings, apart from updating the launcher.

Is there a way to print out the OS version of clockwork, in ssh? Sorry for the myriad of questions.

LE: OK so the old bashrc does not work any longer and the only one that boots (but gets stuck in loading) is the cpirc method.
I’m a beginner with git and i only know a few commands. I see tags of 1.21, 1.22 in git and I would wish to clone 1.21 but I don’t know how to switch to that. a git clone from launcher gives me latest, 1.24. Any way in cloning older versions?

Got it to work. I removed the launcher from /home/cpi/ and git cloned the launcher to /home/cpi/apps/
Then I cd’ed into /home/cpi/apps/launcher and did git checkout ‘1.21’.

I restored the old bashrc to 0.1 and that seems to boot it past the loading screen. Time to understand why the updated launcher does not want to boot.

Thanks all for the help!

Hi, this is what I found:

cpi@clockworkpi:~$ cd ~/launcher

-bash: cd: /home/cpi/launcher: No such file or directory

Now, I see black screen (no loading, no game, no anything