What games are people running on Devterm?

I went ahead and packaged them up as best I could and put them up on github. Since it has a limit for binary files, I had to split the larger ones into parts. But I included info in the readme on how to join and extract them.

I’ll probably put some other stuff up there too, as I find things that work well and are worth sharing. For now, I’ve also added a standalone build of Stella. It seemed to work a bit better than the libretro core in Retroarch. Stella gets packaged into a deb as part of the automated build process. (I’ve never assembled one myself yet.)


works for all models of devterm if met the apt install issue

I’ve been emulating with RetroArch mostly, but I installed the CPI copy of Cave Story last night and noticed that the framerate is lower than expected, even with my A04 at the highest “gear”

Excellent! Working on mine in minutes (after regenerating the repo as detailed below)

This is cool, I’ve got cavestory compiled and working, and even configured to use the dpad. I’ve never played before and am looking forward to playing through it. It looks like a perfect game for the devterm.

I’m planning on ordering a DevTerm soon, any brave soul willing to try compiling my game engine?

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Runs on my DevTerm A06 (running Arch Linux ARM)


Thank you for testing it! I was planning on getting the A06.

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When I try doing this I get an error, it says that apt-key is deprecated, is any way to work this out?


wget -O - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/clockworkpi/apt/main/debian/KEY.gpg | sudo apt-key add - 
sudo apt-key del  57B7A98BBEBA8C10CA4458810DD08811478B1249
sudo apt update
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I already tried using this but it still says that apt-key (the command, not the key itself) is deprecated and I can’t use it

It says it’s deprecated and you shouldn’t use it, not that you can’t use it; the command should still run fine. If you’re seeing different, post the whole error message.