What is cmd key used for?

I pressed the “Cmd” key of of my devterm after main desktop appeared. But nothing happened.

Maybe something wrong with the keyboard?

cmd is often a modifier by default.

Got it.Thanks very much for your kind reply.

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anytime! enjoy your unit.

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I donot know weather the Cmd key is the same as Windows key, just found two discusstions, maybe useful:
Open menu with Windows key
Making the windows key open the start menu?

In the DevTerm’s keyboard source code, there is nothing special:

    case _LEFT_CTRL_KEY:
    case _CMD_KEY:
    case _LEFT_ALT:
      if(mode == KEY_PRESSED){
      }else {

The Cmd key is defined as KEY_RIGHT_GUI, maybe it’s the Menu key on Win10?

#define _CMD_KEY        KEY_RIGHT_GUI 

They reused the Apple terminology here, but use it as the META (or on windows PC, the Windows key)

KEY_RIGHT_GUI is the right windows key on Windows PC Keyboard (weird they chose the right one though)