How to get meta/win key functionality in Armbian?

I’m an Ubuntu user who reflexively uses the “meta” key to open programs (i.e. meta + "term" + enter to open a terminal) & to cycle between open windows (meta + tab). A04’s Cmd key is in the “meta”-key position but doesn’t seem to do much on the Armbian OS…

My questions are:

  • Is there a way to enable that kind of “meta”-key functionality with the Cmd key?
  • Are there other keyboard hotkeys within Armbian that I can use to quickly open programs & cycle between windows?
  • What is the Cmd modifier key normally used for within Armbian on the A04?


Update: I’ve stumbled on alt+tab to cylce between open windows.

Still looking for a hotkey to open Run Program...

same question here, I’ve really started to depend on the meta key switcher.

Ah, I’ve figured it out! First off, xfce4-keyboard-settings can be used to see/set/edit keyboard application shortcuts!! Some noteworthy ones are:

  • Alt+F2 Quick launch application
  • Ctrl+Alt+T Terminal
  • Alt+Tab Cycle between open programs
  • Meta+T I set custom to run cool-retro-term --fullscreen (because it’s awesome!!!)
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