Whats the diference buying from clockworkpi store than aliexpress?

I’ve seen uconsoles, gameshells and devterms in aliexpress. Have anyone bought from there?

Buying from ClockworkPi would include support, and based on posts on the forum, they always replace broken parts/systems, offer refunds, etc.

Buying from elsewhere probably means no support, they may not offer a refund, and it might be a scam. There were uConsoles posted on Aliexpress long before they were available or actually shipping from ClockWorkPi.

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I remember asking the same question through the website’s chat and they told me the only official outlet is this site. There are no other distributors outside of here. Including Aliexpress.


On the otherhand I’m also curious how it went to those to bought through Aliexpress.

They have ordered from ClockworkPi and will then ship to you.

I guess getting supply directly from factory would be a direct breach of contract by the manufacturer to clockwork pi, especially if the only distribution outlet is the official site.