When will the shop be back in stock/How to repair damaged parts manually?

Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong section.

A little while ago, my Gameshell stopped charging properly, so I took it apart to try to fix the issue. It turned out that the usb charging port was bent out of place, so I decided to manually hold it in place while putting the Gameshell back together and hope for the best. Unfortunately, right before I finished the reassembly, one of the wires for the speaker cable broke and the USB port came off of the motherboard.

Does anyone know when the motherboard and cable replacements will be back in stock on the online store or if there’s anywhere else to buy them? If not then does anyone know how I could replace the USB and repair the cable myself? Thanks in advance for the help!

TLDR: When will motherboards+cables be back in stock? Are there any other places to buy parts? Also, how can I rep(air/lace) USB+speaker myself? Thanks for the help!

PS: Sorry this is so long.

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The cables should be pretty easy to replace, they are just cables and they use standard connectors that you can get from the internet. (They are JST connectors but can’t remember which one is for each cable right now)

Anyway even if the connectors weren’t available you could always solder the wires directly to the PCB without the need of connectors.

The USB depends on the damage but also repairable but it involves more skill and special tools probably.

If you have a photo of the PCB I could access the damage.

Here’s a picture of the motherboard.

:thinking: How did the USB fall of? I see it on the board.

Edit: nevermind I was looking at the hdmi, it appears repairable as there is still some tin on the pcb, the issue is when the port rips the copper traces underneath but the tin on the picture looks like it should be doable.

Hi, would you please to send an email about the issue (with the pic) to ? We can start the After-Sales process there.

I just finished sending the email. How soon should I expect a response?

Lol same thing happened to me!!