Hardware -> USB port used on Mainboard

Hi all! Not sure if i posted this the right way… but…Does anyone know which make of the usb-port on the CPI-mainboard was used and where to get a replacement? The inside of mine broke off and as a learning opportunity i would like to see if i can replace it with a new one :slight_smile:

Its a female micro usb.

Can’t check, but carefull, not all microUSB-B socket are the same.
In fact they tend to have really different footprint, so choose carefully if you want to solder a new one.

Also, depends on how it broke, but if the PCB tracks and pads for the USB port are damaged, it’s going to tricky to put a new one.

What changes is the housing and the grounding/stabilizing pins, but the back side pins are the same and if there is no enclosure constrains can be used (In case you get a wrong one)

As I understood, the inside plastic inside the housing broke, so should be easy to fix with a new port

It could have lift the pads on the PCB which is a big problem. And honestly, microUSB B socket really need to be properly soldered on the PCB or it just a “time bomb” before it break again…

Been there in a previous work of me where the connector was surface mount with the case not holding it with enough force, got a lot of broken (and non repairable) one.

And even the one with proper through-hole mounting are fragile.