Which OS image should I download?

I ordered a CM4 setup, which OS images should I get? Didn’t find any one on http://dl.clockworkpi.com/ tagged as uconsole compatible.

they’re not available yet TMK, once the uConsole is closer to final release (probably around shipping time or when people first receive it), i believe the images will become available

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Ah, I see, I just cant wait for a ship :stuck_out_tongue:


I am too - but I’ve ordered a larger sim card - the factory one will be used to test and make sure the hardware is good - then I’ll burn a new one (larger) and load it up… if something goes wrong I can always go back to the factory card and check the hardware…

*SD card.
Yes, that’s a good idea. I do that, too, with Raspberry Pi projects in general. Nice that the CM4 lite also has this capability. The only real problem is when people use low-quality cards where the flash dies after a bunch of writing. Do consider backing up / dd’ing microSD’s from time to time.