Wi-Fi (wireless) issues

Even the power saving settings is off, there is still an issue when copying large files. the temperature keeps rising and it causes the unit to freeze. I gave up on copying large files for PSX games.

Use usb ethernet its great

thanks~ i would sure so that. just couldnt get final fantasy 9 in my cpi with wifi

If it is still an actual question, then you need to change channel settings of the router, I disabled auto to channel 1 and it started working. The same issue as with Macs, their wifis don’t see some channels

I’m guessing then that your router doesn’t have its Local set correctly. Different countries have different channel assignments and if the location isn’t set correctly on the computer and/or router, automatic channel assignments won’t work.

Nope, it is not the case with some countries and some equipment. Some devices not support some of the stock channels. For example apple’s mac books wifi don’t support some of the channels (don’t remember what exactly, something like more than 13th) and if router set to automatic channel if can be set to 14th… And haven’t fount characteristics of gameshells wifi, so I set router to 1st channel and it worked.