Wifi scan no longer functioning

My Gameshell was connecting very well over my 2.4ghz connection up until now. When I press the scan button within the wifi settings, the “wifi scanning…” window flashes for a fraction of a second and then I get nothing. No networks show up (there are several around). The only other obvious clue I have is that the wifi icon at the top of the screen is filled in black, with a lower case “i” at the center.

I’ve tried toggling airplane mode and restarting, but have yet to find anything of impact. Interestingly, if I try to scan for wifi with airplane mode on I get the same brief flash of the “wifi scanning…” window, leading me to suspect that I may somehow be stuck in airplane mode.

Anyone run across this before or have any suggestions?

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sounds like wifi is disabled

make sure you have enough battery and I met once but Dont know how it fixed

I just take off battery and re-assambled

No luck with the battery removal trick. I’m hoping I don’t have to wipe my SD card and start over, but it’s looking like my only option here.

If you have usb to eth enabled connect on ssh and try iw wlan0 scan

Didn’t set the eth option up as my wifi connection was great, but that will be the first thing I do next time!

Even with great connection is amazing to have for debugging and fixing.

Did you try to start over? I had the very same error and wiping SD card solved the issue.

I did start over and the wifi functionality returned good as new.