Will the Defold Engine work on Gameshell?

As you seen on the title I asking if the defold engine will work on gameshell. It runs Lua

From a quick glance in the FAQ session, the engine’s runtime runs only on 64bit linux platforms. GameShell’s CPU is 32-bit (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARM_Cortex-A7) so it seems that it won’t run natively. However this engine supports HTML applications so it might probably run via nwjs (see the GSP project for GameShell).

It also uses OpenGL for rendering so I doubt if it will work on GS since there is still no GPU support in the Clockworkpi OS

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Ok. Then Do you know any engines that’ll use Lua or at least C++. Obviously I want to know the only ones that work on gameshell

Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) works nicely on GS. It’s a very well known C/C++ library

People have definitely got Love2D to work on GameShell, so if you want to go the Lua route that’s definitely one to take a look at.

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What engine will work for C++

As elefas said, SDL definitely works, a large number of the ports/emulators we have for GameShell use SDL, so if you want to go the C++ route, that’s probably the most advisable. I’m afraid I don’t know of any others off the top of my head.

If you really wanted to use the defold engine you could probably export your game to html5 and then run it through electron. Obvious performance hit with this route.

SDL is a library for multimedia stuff, not a game engine. So you’ll be doing a lot of reinventing the wheel. Which is cool if you’re into that :slight_smile:

You could use Godot with C++, but I have no idea what the experience is like. Please post back and tell me how it is if you go this route.

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Also, Love2d is built on top of SDL.


Thank you I have one last question which language should I use when making my game C++ or lua. Which one do y’all recommend

Usually people recommend a scripting language (lua) for the majority of the game, C++ for the heavy lifting.


Thank you so much for replying

Not to make it sound like one solution works for all of your problems, but you can write C in LĂ–VE also!


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