Yellow gameshell for sale, US/Canada

hello, everyone I know a few people are dying to get their hands on a gameshell, I have two yellow ones and want to sell one.
It is assembled from the kit with all the packaging intact and the cool designer stickers unused.
It is almost pristine as you can tell from the pictures.
I’ve listed it on eBay to make it easier with payment and shipping for US and Canada.
eBay won’t let me list local pickup, but if you are in downtown Toronto, even better.

Hey! I am interested in buying your GS!
I am live in the US but I am more than willing to pay for the shipping w/ tracking number! I do have one request tho IF you are ok with it, I have to wait for 2 weeks till I get paid, to be able to buy it. Would you be willing to hold it till then? If not, I completely understand and wont pressure you nor will I get upset. I understand that it is a gamble for you to do something like this for a complete stranger. I will say however that I have just recently purchased an item from another member on this forum and had to ask the same request, I can see about having him contact you and vouch for me if need be.

Hope to hear from you!
Thank you,

I would not mind keeping open the auction if able, but it’s already set and part of the reason for selling is because I’m moving countries so I wouldn’t be able to sell it to you in 2 weeks anyway.

Ah dang it! lol. But hey no worries! I will try to make something happen sooner. If not then like I said, no worries! and best of luck to you, also good luck with the move/new chapter you are starting in life!!! I’ll be in touch.

Thank You,

thanks man, good luck with finding one or getting the money in time :grinning:

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Thank bro! I’m sure that between me and my buddy, we will find the $, I was going to purchase it for him and him pay me back over time so he can for sure have one and not lose/miss out on this awesome device. I showed him Gameshell and was telling him all the thing I can do with mine and my plans I have for this bad boy and it made him want one as well lol. I told him about how they are extremely hard to come by now and that the restocking of them wasnt a for sure thing and that I lucked out with mine by having a user msg me and tell me they picked me to be the one who gets to purchase theirs (kickstarter model w/ upgraded board) because they wanted theirs to go to someone who was serious about purchasing one but also serious/really interested in using the GameShell for more than just games and such. I guess I landed on his radar by the fact that I went through EVERY.SINGLE.SALE.POST. and was asking if they were still selling theirs or if it sold already lol

was this sold in the end? Would be willing to pay way over odds to get on in the UK

Yea, it sold, i got outbid