Selling GameShell in US

Edit, deciding to keep after lack of interest.

Throwing my GS up for sale to see if anyone is interested. I purchased it new and also got the ODROID-GO at the same time. I messed with the GS for a few days and was just more interested in a more basic ODROID unit. it is the white model and again, was only used a few days then stored in a hardshell case so this thing should be basically brand new. Comes with everything it would from clockwork. feel free to email me for any pictures you may want at I could also send my cellphone number to send pictures of it that way if necessary.

Looking for $120 shipped via priority mail in the ConUS. Thanks everyone!

2 week bump with a price drop. How about $95 shipped in the conUS? someone scoop this up!

hi, interested here, can buy @ $100