You are disclosing your wifi passwords


as far as I understand, wpa_supplicant is invoced by wicd and the corresponding configuration files are under /var/lib/wicd/configurations. There are eight files shipped by default, telling me about the psk of various signals e.g. CPI_MI, hejun or dp.


guess clockwork does not care


In layman’s terms, what’s the implications? Can an unfriendly party gain access via SSH and scrape the WiFi password from my GameShell? Is there a measure against this?


Yes, don´t share your conf file and done.


Oh okay, I’ll try to refrain from that. Thanks.


uhm, yeah, but I was talking about the WiFi signals of clockwork. Sure, I seldom will be walking by their offices, but they are all stored in the current image of GameSH.
@sickeningjar it means, if someone has SSH access to your GameSH, the person is able to read these files, too, because the user cpi has sudo capabilities. Hence, it can do anything on that device. So I personally recommend to change the password of the user cpi to something strong by using
Because chances are someone notices you using the GameSH in the same network as them (e.g. at a coffee shop’s hotspot or at a friend’s house) and steals your data while you are gaming.
Always change default passwords, anyway, everywhere. Even for offline devices.


Oh I see! the image they distributed is a replication of their in-house setup. That may explain why in Content History in Retroarch there are a number of games that I have never played.


I’m probably the only person within a 100m radius with a GameShell. My town has 8000 people in it lmfao