2019 orders shipping date


I understand that, what is slightly frustrating is the lack of dialogue between us and them. Even a simple update would be appreciated. I know that it takes time to get back into the swing of things but by now if they are starting to ship out units some should be at the awaiting customs level and a simple hey guy’s this is what’s happening is all some of us want. I don’t expect miracles just dialogue.


I would love to receive at least an email that provide a minimum of timing.
I don’t care to wait a month or two, just let us know something like:

Orders from #11300 to #11400 will be shipped the first week of march
Orders from #11400 to #11500 will be shipped the second week of march
and so on…

I can understand the quantity of orders and the timing in production, but tell us something.


That’s my thoughts exactly


I’m starting to feel a bit weird now because I paid for the “Express Shipping” option. I would understand this situation for the “Postal parcel” option but it’s whole silence getting a bit annoying.


I just sent an email to this address.

Need Assistance? Talk to us.
We’ll do everything we can to make sure you love your experience with us.
Email us: biz@clockworkpi.com

I’ll let you know for any info.


Heard anything back from them, or still Radio silence?


Radio silence from them


I just emailed a request for an update, too.

I’m confident that we’ll eventually receive our orders, but it’s so frustrating not to have any idea of when that’ll be. Especially since I was assuming shipping would resume 10 days ago.


I got an update from yong! My order number is #11326.

“Your order has already been shipped, tracking number will be send to you anytime this week.”

So so far so good! just a little bit more patience now :smiley:


I got that same email on the 16th order #11425


Order: #11409 - no update yet - but hopefully soon =).


Yeah still waiting for an update for my order as well #11617


still no update here either, #11475


I really don’t think that @yong is paying attention to us. He is the one who emails us if you directly email help@clockworkpi.com but he won’t even give us a simple 'hey guys this is where it’s at" come on we all paid for our units and all we get us Radio silence. This is some of the worst customer experience I have ever had bar none.


I emailed and got a reply the same day from Yong, it was short and simple stating that they will be starting shipping that week (email was on the 18th) but nothing past that. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the response and orders they received greatly exceeded their expectations and they’re back logged. as much as I agree some sort of update to the site or information would be I’m thinking more that they focus on getting things shipped then stop to update the site. they are likely a tiny group and have to do most if not all of things themselves. I just hope to receive mind before march 31st as I specifically want this before I leave on vacation. so what I suggest is if anyone who has or will be posting on here, please update the rest of us if/when you get shipping information or even receive yours. and let their team focus on getting things out.


Yes i also got a reply saying my order was shipped and will receive the info by friday, will update when


that’s a little disheartening for me because my order # is lower than yours and I have not received such an email. but I’ll be patiently waiting.


Maybe try emailing the support email? That’s how I got an email


i hate having to do that lol. it literally goes against what I just posted. but i did it anyway lol. just really anxious to have this before I leave on my vacation.


I’m very sorry. We are equally anxious waiting for our shipping company to give us the tracking numbers. Packages with order number before #11660 have been sent to our shipping company for processing, when we got back from the long CNY holidays last week.
Latest update is tracking number will be released this week, we should expect to see packages moving in next week.