2019 orders shipping date


Thank you for the update.


thank you very much Yong, for the post and the email. I’m still holding hope that I’ll be able to bring this on my vacation. [exactly what you expect to hear from a 40 year old man right?]


Hello Guys! I received the tracking number an hour ago.
My Order is #11510 Just FYI.

Hope that everyone will receive their soon :slight_smile:


Order #11451, have just received a tracking number and estimated delivery date this morning. According to FedEx, it should be here early next week (UK). The wait is almost over!


Order #11408, I just received a tracking number and the estimated delivery date (DHL) is next Monday (Germany). I can’t wait!


I’v also received my tracking number, very excited! ^~^


I received my tracking email last night (Order 11475) and the estimated fedex delivery date is Monday the 4th


I recieved my tracking number last night as well, it’s due in on the 4th!!! Can’t wait to start tinkering with this.


It says my estimated delivery is tomorrow, but otherwise it doesn’t show any shipping updates outside of the initial “en route to DHL commerce”.
Anyone else have this issue?
I’ve never used DHL before


My estimated delivery is Monday (shipping to the US), but I have just one update: “label created”.


Yeah it’s confusing, the last update was the 25th so I’m just gonna assume maybe it wasn’t updated for whatever reason?
Guess I’ll find out tomorrow haha


I appreciate your optimism. :relaxed:


I suppose to recieve my Fedex package “yesterday”. I doubt they actually ship the item.


Update: It didnt come today haha

Apparently DHL is known for rarely updating the tracking, which is another layer of frustation


Okay now my dhl tracking number just isn’t working…


Yep, me as well. Guess it’s just going to be up in the air and just waiting until anything happens or it starts working again.


Yeah unfortunately huh :confused:


Some light research gave me this answer, and I checked USPS and it says they’re still waiting for the package to be handed off which is better than nothing.


So I’m just going to sit tight and check maybe later today and hopefully it will have switched carriers.


I hope so too! >< :confused:


if everyone has this situation that fedex tracking only shows " LABEL CREATED Shipment information sent to FedEx".
It seems that they played a common trick for sending item on time. That is printing out fedex shipping label, updating tracking number for customer, but do not send the item on time. This happens at Taobao in China a lot. It helps online store to comply the “Item will be sent in XX hours” regulation. I am disappointed on this behavior, they should let customer know the real status of shipping.