2019 orders shipping date


FedEx called me, I chose to pay them over the phone via credit card. it was literally just the tax value for the listed value of the product.


Mine was delivered this afternoon. Ordered on 2/20, got my shipping notice on 3/1 with an alleged delivery date of 3/4, that came and went, but my Gameshell arrived today! - Ord #11508 (delivered USA)


Same situation for me. My delivery was scheduled for today (to the US), but it’s still in Japan.


Yay! Gameshell (#11409) arrived in Sydney today (mostly safe and sound) input board has a squashed connector but mainly plastic damage thankfully … unit appears to work perfectly fine! =) …


Is there a customs fee for the US? If so, does anyone know how much it is?


Today i recived my tracking number, # 11775, so the estimated arrive is in march 18th i hope it came well in one piece


mine to canada was $40.38 USD so i would think that or less.


my shipment is still listed as being in transit from japan (delivering to US) and the estimated delivery date disappeared since this morning


Ok, that’s not too bad. Thanks!


I have never been charged a customs fee for receiving anything from China, including two shipments from ClockWorkPi


DHL says the package was tendered to delivery service provider in New Jersey but USPS still has no update since California? Is this a common issue?


my gameshell just arrived! (USA)


Did you end up having to pay any customs fees? It seems like most people that are saying they did are not in the US.


nope, no fees, everything went smoothly


Also received mine yesterday (via FedEx). Thankfully, no customs fees for me either! (I opted for the express shipping option from Clockwork, in case that’s helpful to know.)

BTW, for anyone in the US who is/was waiting on a GameShell via FedEx — I called FedEx earlier this week because my delivery date continued to be pushed back. It turns out that the plane scheduled to fly the US GameShells was full and our boxes were held for a later plane.


Finally came! Assembly was fun and I’m putting games on already ^~^


Me too! :smiley: time to get hacking lol.


Mine just arrived! Haven’t opened it up yet, unfortunately have to wait till after work, but it’s here! Hope everyone who is still waiting for theirs has a short wait left.


So…I see that all the people in the US are getting their gameshells from around the time I ordered mine.

But. I don’t have mine yet. DHL says it was passed off to USPS. USPS says DHL never passed the package off. It was supposed to be delivered two days ago.

I ordered this well over a month ago. So…at what point do I ask for my money back? It’s looking like my gameshell is just lost forever by the shipping gods, and I kind of just want to walk away from all this.


Maybe I spoke too soon? It looks like mine is out for delivery. I’ll update this post when I get home (later tonight, US Central Time.).


Sorry for the late update. It’s late here.

But yes! My gameshell came in! It’s in my hands. It’s perfect, and it’s everything I ever wanted, and I love it. Can’t wait to start hacking. I’m so excited, and sorry for being in such a bad mood about shipping. DHL isn’t…the best. :confused: But whatever. It’s here, and I hope everyone had a happy Chinese New Year! Well deserved.