3D printed uConsole "holster-style" screen protector [STL incl.]

I was going on a trip and hadn’t thought about how to protect my uConsole screen in my bags yet. I mostly only cared about something poking my screen, or the kickstand flopping out and pulling my other bag contents out when I go to grab it from my backpack mid-flight.

I threw together a quick “vase mode” print that would just slot on to the whole body like a “holster” and protect the screen. The STL can be found here: 4.2 KB file on MEGA
If you need to tweak it, here’s the OnShape file, simple as it may be: Onshape

Print it in “vase mode”, with a thicker layer extrusion width. I used (and suggest) 1mm. I also suggest using a brim if you have any doubt about your bed adhesion, it gets a little tall and it can be risky especially if you’re printing it as fast as I was (recklessly!).

Depending on your printer calibration, you might need to tweak some values, especially the kickstand channel width if it’s hard to holster or if it falls off too easily. I suggest adding a pause at like 2.5 inches in your slicer and see if you can gently slot your uConsole into it on the bed without struggle before resuming.

I’m able to slot this on easily, with very little force. The channels for the kickstand bars are just thick enough to allow them to pass through, but thin enough that they grip a little bit, so the further “in” the uConsole is, the less likely it is to unholster on its own.

I printed it with what was on my printer at the time, white PLA, but I think I’m going to redo this at a slower speed in a nice black filament for a better, smoother appearance… and manually bevel the corners a bit to make it look nicer and be a bit less sharp at the top… It’s been how I’ve been storing my uConsole since my trip, since it’s nice to not have to worry about screen damage even on my desk.

Some pics:

I hope someone else likes this too.


Awesome work brother! Thanks!

Would be cool to add a safety clip so that it can be secured whenever you need it to be, but overall a very cool accessory