4GLTE Speed test?

If anyone has the LTE model, could you post your speeds and carrier? I’m very interested in seeing how it performs.

Been having some issues with mine, but when it’s not causing problems, I’ve gotten up to 1 or 2 mbps on Verizon iirc

(will update with better stats later)

what your process for setting up a connection. i was able to see cell signals, but couldn’t connect. now i can add a gsm profile and i can see an option for connection, but lsusb/mmcli/nmcli all show mt modem on and ready to connect and shows the sim is authorized to connect. hell, even the sim provider can see the sim and device, but i have no way to connect to a network and use it. 0.00Gb/5Gb data used on my plan and it expires in a couple weeks!

I’m assuming its not a plug-and-play on the 4g. This might be tough for me. lol.

Apologies for the delay. At about 55% signal strength on Verizon, fast.com reports 720kbps, got up to 1mbps at one point.

That speed sounds soo wrong :-), LTE speed should be around (at least) 20-30MBit/s… Where are you located?

BFE, New York :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the antenna is a bit weak, that or I was connected to 3G for reasons :tm:.
I think that reading was at home, at school (concrete on all sides except for the occasional window) I’ve gotten up to ~2.4-2.5mbps.