No 4G signal at all, is it really todo with the antenna?

update: it seems it is a combination of weak antenna and my area with weak signal. walked to another area the 4g connects fine. I am printing out a pa12 nylon chasis to see if that make it better.

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hi all, for those who have got a 4g expansion card, have you ever made it work without modding the antenna? For me it just kept timing out.

What I’ve done:

  1. upgraded the 4g chip firmware.
  2. powered on the module via uconsole-4g-cm4 enable.
  3. setup the connection and apn via nmcli.
  4. my phone using the same carrier has mediocre reception, 4g works on my phone.

but when i try to bring the connection up via nmcli c up it just keep timing out.

sudo mmcli -m 0 shows signal is 0.
multimeter shows the connection to the antenna is working, but i haven’t test the connection between the IPEX connect to the chip tho… i ordered a new IPEX antenna so will give them a try all together.

I am suprised that the built-in antenna has such appalling performance, or is it due to a faulty module?
I’ve searched around in the forum and found some amazing brilliant mods for the antenna, but none of them is discreet enough for my liking…
Some said the signal was due to the metal housing, so I am also wondering if I print out the shell and chasis with PA12 nylon will it improve the built-in antenna reception?