Is there a recommended prepaid SIM card (to use in the US)?

Hi Team,

While I am waiting for my uCinsole to ship (ordered it in November 2022), I want to buy a prepaid SIM card to use and explore the 4G/LTE module.

Is there a prepaid SIM card (operator/type) someone used successfully in the US and could recommend?

Thank you in advance for your recommendation,

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Easiest/quickest way? Find a friend or family member [that you are in good standing with] who uses google fi. have them order a free data-only sim card for you. the data is $1 per 100mb and it’s pay-as-you-go, so just pay that person before/afterwards/eventually.


Thank you for the suggestion.

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I thought the data only fi sims just pull from the main account’s data plan? That’s how it was when I was on fi.

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ah, I guess it depends what plan they’re on too…

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Again, thank you Team. I am wondering if anyone - luck enough to have their uConsole - is using successfully a pre-paid SIM card. If so, can you please share with us the operator? I am thinking about Mint or T-Mobile.

I’m using Mint Mobile on my CM4 uConsole.

The APN is wholesale, the network manager command to setup the 4g connection is:
nmcli c add type gsm ifname ttyUSB2 con-name 4gnet apn wholesale


Thank you so much for your insight!
Really appreciated.

If the device is data only right now, what you could do is go to any metro by T-Mobile store, buy a $15 dollar TCL Tablet, then a day later transfer the sim from tablet to ClockworkPi uConsole, I did this very same thing with my GPD Wn 4 after I bought the USB C 4G/LTE Modem, works great, I have a second tablet so I might end up doing this with it’s sim card. I’ve used up to 100Gb’s and never gotten throttled yet.

Only thing that’s kinda sucky but good in anti-theft way is metro will lock their sim card to whatever device you put it in, so you have to call to transfer it to something else, otherwise that device will get error unknown sim card.

I am thinking about Mint or T-Mobile.

I don’t want to be pedantic, but Mint is a virtual phone carrier that uses T-Mobile infrastructure. There are essentially only three actual carriers in the US: AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. The rest are called Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). If there is a difference it comes down to price, customer support, and so on, and not really compatibility.

AT&T also has a device whitelist lol ( This is borderline criminal behavior by a private company but it’s completely normal in the mobile world, grumble…

I’ve been using the data only sim from on my pinephones and librem5. It uses the T-Mobile and att towers on roaming. It gets the job done when I can’t find wifi :slight_smile: that’s what I plan to use if/when I order a uConsole.

Thank you, Ryan Reynolds!!!

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