Improved heatsink

Could a SSD heatsink possibly be an improvement for cooling the core? I got a A04 and it suspect it is having overheating problems. I am tempted to try fitting a SSD heatsink. Its measurements are 67 x 18 x 1,5 mm. Do you think it could fit?
Here is the heatsink I am looking at:

I think a04 has overheating problems too, with 2mm thermal pad and 2mm SSD heatsink, you should be fine someone use to do that A04 /proc/cpuinfo only showing 2 cores (should have 4) - #21 by , I’ve just made an order, pure copper heatsing and thermal pads to test.
Did you see the back plastic case bending where the stock heatsink is like me?

What kinds of temps are you seeing? I changed my fan curve and added the fan shroud and typically don’t see temps above 60C while under heavy load.

Using the fan shroud, ssd heatsink and fixed fan script (lower turn on temperature and removed 5s wait) I stay just below 60°C now, playing 720p YouTube in Firefox in gear 5. Much improved.


What type of filament did you used?

Badly printed Nylon. I never got my Nylon prints to look pretty, but they are duarable, flexible and heat resistant, so quite functional, just difficult to print