A06 Game Streaming

I was having fun with my new Devterm and I had to try to remote play games on it for fun. I know it’s totally not practical, but I still wanted to play around and try to get it working.
I’m a total noob when it comes to linux so it was a fun thing to try to get myself familiar with some more advance concepts

I was thinking about using either Streamlink or Moonlight, but I couldn’t get Streamlink working since the only build for ARM64 available is for the Pi4 and it seems to try to use their video “device” directly.
Anyway, I instead tried to use Moonlight since my host PC meet their requirements and it surprisingly worked well.

Here is Forza 4 on the DevTerm

So the actual client I used was Moonlight Embedded since I wanted something very lightweight: GitHub - moonlight-stream/moonlight-embedded: Gamestream client for embedded systems
But Moonlight QT might also work.

On the wiki page of Moonlight Embedded github, they have compilation instructions for Raspbian and they work great for the DevTerm.
After building the application, I was able to get it working by setting the platform to either x11 or sdl when using the command line to launch the streaming session.

The main issue is that the DevTerm’s resolution is pretty low on the vertical. So if you tried to set the host computer’s resolution to the DevTerm’s resolution, most game wouldn’t run since there isn’t enough pixels vertically for most games to render properly. So what I did was to set a custom resolution on the host PC that is twice the DevTerm’s resolution. So instead of 1280x480 I used 2560x960. It’s not perfect, but the result on such a small screen isn’t too bad.

Overall it was a fun thing to try, but it’s not practical and I wouldn’t really recommend it. It’s a bit of a pain to change the resolution of the host before starting the remote session and there are simpler alternative to remote play (like just using your phone).
But I must say that it was pretty cool to play Forza 4 on such a cute device.