Rotate console apps

Hey everyone, I’m trying to set up steamlink and moonlight on my uConsole to stream from my other machines to it while I’m out and about, unfortunately, I’m running into issues with both of them. Both moonlight-qt and steamlink need to be launched from the console in order to use the hardware accelerated video on the raspberry pi4, however when I launch the apps from the console, they are always rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. Has anyone had any success with getting console applications such as steamlink to rotate to the appropriate resolution when launching them from the TTY?

this may be a silly question, but did you already fiddle with the suggestions on their github docs? if you run from command line… embedded doesn’t work better?

I do believe the ship with image is bullseye, please be aware of this, it comes up in the docs.

Also an old bug is in the config rotation = x did nothing… it was rotate = x… try both of those.

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I did indeed try following the above instructions, unfortunately, if I enable the fkms driver, there is no video output on the uconsole at all. Moonlight embedded did not launch after setting it up for me, due to libcec errors. I’m just using moonlight inside of the lxde desktop now, it complains about not having hwaccel video and that it cant handle streams over 720p, but since thats the resolution of the uconsole, I suppose the solution is just not to use the uconsole to stream to my TV.

Sorry, you will have to see if someone else chimes in… I was supposed to get mine end of this month… lunar new year killed that… So I wont be able to test… Let us know if you figure it out … I will revisit when. I get mine… I don’t know id I like the idea of hardware accel over MIPI… Have to revisit this later …