Streaming the DevTerm

Join me tonight (25/08/2021) at around 7pm BST on twitch to discover the content of that quite big package!

You probably all know what will be inside and if you have any questions to ask about the content, feel free to ask them here and will try to answer them live!


Cool! Not familiar with… are replays avail.? Alternatively, will this be recorded and published elsewhere?

Yup, VOD is available. Will also put on youtube later so don’t worry


Ooh, this is excellent! Do your best to share as much of on-hands info as you can!

I wholeheartedly suggest size comparisons just to illustrate a much clearer dimension of how large the devterm is (against smartphone/tablet/common ultrabook maybe?)

Who knows, the local r/sbcgaming emulator google doc list (Handhelds - Google Sheets) may actually include your video in their cataloguing as well! :grin:

Stream has started, you are welcome to join :slight_smile:


Thanks for everyone who joined during the stream, was a pleasure to have a chat and build/test the devterm live :slight_smile:

Was totally unscripted as well, I kept it sealed before streaming so I had a couple of totally unprepared thing :wink:

I will do at least another stream at a later point with a bit more prepared things, I also hope to do a proper review but not right now, need a bit longer to play more with it

I will also put the stream (nearly) unedited on youtube a bit later, need to get the video before that.

This is of course a DevTerm CM3 as A04 and A06 are not yet available

But to summarize I’m quite pleased with the device, it is both smaller and bigger than I was expecting (yeah weird I know) the keybard is small yes, but confortable for the size.
The screen size may be an issue with some apps are lots do expect a heigh heigher than 640. Minecraft Pi don’t like to be put in full screen for some reasons.

PICO-8 works great even if a bit small because of the ratio, but I expect the keyboard to be perfect for such use!

WIll update when videos are posted on youtube and when I know when I will do another stream!


Also if there is anything you want to see running on the DevTerm, don’t hesitate to do a request!


thank you! we appreciate it a lot.

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@Godzil Thanks for your effort (in advance since I could not watch the video feed until now). Please let us know if/when the replay is online.

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The replay on twitch is available even while streaming to on twitch is it available. I downloaded the files already but didn’t had the time to do the gluing of the three part (had 2 technical issues, OBS crashing and Internet going down at the worst moment)

Ah, yes, on refreshing your Twitch page I can see that under " Recent broadcasts". Thx!

Hello, Godzil! I watched your live replay and it makes me really excited. Can I reprint your video to Chinese website? I will indicate the author and your original address. Thank you!

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I will soon post on YouTube the full stream (need to do some editing before hand to fix the two cuts) I would prefer if you want to proxy the stream that you proxy that one instead

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Ok, I think you are right. I will wait for it. :grin:

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Video is currently uploading. Will update when it will be available.


If you missed the stream, the full stream will be released on youtube at 10:00pm BST!
Link :

(the link will be valid once the video is released)

Edit: The HD may not be available though at release time so if you want to see in full glory, check that it is available before starting to watch, not sure how long YT is going to take to do the HD processing

And Again if there is anything you want to see running on the DevTerm, tell me I will take not for a future video or stream!


I will try to stream tomorrow (Saturday) starting around 6PM BST (10am Pacific time) for a Q&A session and running things on the DT. If you have any requests, especially that could take time to setup, please ask in advance.


take it outside if you can in your next video, I wanna see how doable the IPS is under direct sunlight!

I notice the screen has the typical glossy screen (hence glare) from your assembly video. In your hands-on opinion, is there enough clearance between the housing and the screen for a screen protector? I reckon a typical matte laptop screen protector cut down to size would be great for the devterm’s screen in the long run :grin:

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