Steam link installation

Hi, I have searched on the forum and could not find clue if anyone knows if valve’s steam link can be added s it has been released for arm chips such as rPi ?

Would love an answer on this. I’ve tried several guides and none have bore any fruit. Any thoughts or suggestions?

This could probably work on the GameShell, I did not try but I use this on my Raspberry Pi 3!
NVIDIA only though.

I’m a steam link snob :rofl: thanks for the suggestion tho!

Steam Link runs on the raspi as well and it works wonderfully, which means there is hope for a gameshell workaround. The main reason id want it over moonlight is not only is it more universal, but also includes stellar controller remapping, which would be great for the limited control scheme of the gameshell itself.

If anyone has any luck with steam link on the gameshell, please share!

Hi @SirBirbs, @Rodskin,
no luck so far for me. But as SteamLink relies on libraries which cannot run on the GameShell I guess it is not possible without heavy effort. Or valve decides to support the GameShell…

Out of interest, what games would you play over steam link? I’m only asking, because anything that you would run at 320x240 remotely possibly could be ported over and run on the gameshell itself.

So I know that this is weird, but for some reason, I’m obsessed with making things run in ways that shouldn’t be possible. And with Steam’s controller customization, it’s a really fun challenge for me to see how I can get as close to a fully functional gaming experience, even with the limited amount of buttons on the gameshell.

So to answer your question, the first thing I would do is play World of Warcraft :rofl: I already have a perfect setup for playing it with a standard Xbox controller, so it would take just a little more optimization for the gameshell + lightkey module. I also make interface add-ons, so coming up with a way to display an appropriate interface on such a small screen is a fun challenge too.

With all that being said, there are plenty of other steam games that would be a lot more playable natively, like Hollow Knight, Towerfall Ascension, Binding of Isaac, etc.


Omg yes yes!!! Wow on a gameshell would be amazing!!! The reason of “because I want it to” is the best one. >:) I was just worried you were going to do things and get disappointed. You have the soul of a tinkerer.
I’m wondering. Since wow is old as the hills, would it actually have legacy resolutions to work with? The fact you can customise your HUD means you can just turn off EVERYTHING!
I empathise with this, seeing as I did whatever I could to get final fantasy XIV working with remote play.
The other games. Did they start making progress here porting binding of Isaac?? Either way. Continuing your existing games remotely/grinding would be a good feel.

As far as I know, Binding of Isaac doesn’t have any source available to port. That said, I’ve tried to run it under box86 and failed. It does sort of load but never makes it to the main menu. There’s at least a chance that with some fixes to box86 it might go farther, and ultimately run the game one day. I hope so, as it seems like it would work pretty well on the Gameshell.

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