A06 How to upgrade to Clockwork OS 5.0?

Hey guys, i’ve been trying to flash the newest OS to a 128gb micro card but it doesnt seem to work, anyone else have this problem/know how to go about doing this?

I also ran into a few issues with the image, couldn’t get it to verify with Balena, nor get it converted correctly for Rpi Imager. I know someone has the right answer, but cancelling verification on Balena Etcher inevitably worked for me.

you can try this oldest version to flash 128gb micro card. [URL Removed] it worked for me. :grinning:

Clockwork OS 5.0?

There has never been a “clockwork OS” to start with with the devterm, but they are already at version 5.0?

What are you talking about?

And there is not even any “new OS” for the DevTerm as the A06 is DevTerm only at the moment. The image you can download here: DevTerm OS A06 image files is the exact same one provided on the SD Card that goes with your DevTerm.

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