DevTerm OS A06 image files

Unless you want to Create DevTerm A06 OS image from scratch. We will use this page to share our official DevTerm A06 CM3 image files here:

Download: ==> Mirror #1 ==> Torrent
md5sum: dec36a075b52cd0673d3f64ed30227b8
Size: 1.4G
v0.1 latest release note:

Based on the Armbian 21.08.0 Trunk Hirsute ARM64 system
Linux Kernel v5.10  
Lightweight Xfce4 desktop environment
Rechargeable battery energy management
Standard CUPS thermal printer driver support
(Both username and password for the default user is pi, if not modified during initial boot)
Following the principle of [minimal changes from scratch](
**A BIG THANK YOU** to the open source ecosystem and all supporters from around the world!

Adding it to my seed server.