About assembling the gameshell

me and my dad were assembling the gameshell when the lock for the lcd screen fell off so my dad used TAPE TO HOLD THE WIRE IN PLACE and then after charging the gamshell it does not work any solutions?

You might need to be more specific. What lock? Pictures?

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Do you mean the outer shell round locks?
Do you mean the LCD screen module case?
Which wire?

Be cautious of the tiny cable connectors. Inspect the teeth/holes of the male and female sides. The male side will have holes in the connector either upside or downside. The female side (in the modules like the LCD/battery/etc) should have pins coming out that are either on the top or bottom side. If you have it mixed up, you may need to carefully fix the pins in order to achieve a connection. Check if those wire plugs are set in properly, otherwise it may not power on or turn on or connect to the screen the way you need it. Don’t pull on the wires. Pull on the plastic plug. This requires opening the module cases and getting your nails in there to take them off. Or use a tiny tool. Start with the screen wire first. Touch some metal around the house to decharge yourself. A door knob sometimes works or the stove, but don’t wear socks and drag your feel. Only touch the edges of the board so you don’t zap any components with static electricity and fry them on accident.

Also, if you think you did everything right, the motherboard which is the one with the power, plugs, etc. has a reset button on the opposite side to the power side. It’s the other long end. It’s a tiny button switch you press to do a hard reset. Try that out if the pin inspection seems to be good. Then put everything back together and power on. It should work (?). I had a non-powering GS after an update. Wouldn’t turn on. Then, hard reset and it works.

Worse case is you need to repair the connectors which is doable but it’s tiny and I’d reach out to support first before venturing into soldering components/jumping cables/etc. That requires more skill since this is super tiny (I wouldn’t do it since I’m not that skilled with tiny work like this).

TLDR: see if you put it together properly. do a hard reset. if fail, then ask for help from their customer service.

that little metal bar thing that hangs on

Is it like an orange flexible thin thing about 1 inch wide and kind of long?

The metal bar is to help you disconnect the ribbon. It’s pretty robust. Don’t panic! The bar can fall off so you just put it back into the tiny little holes on the side of the ribbon end.

There’s a forum post that talks about the screen. Check it out. It connects to the screen and the main board with the power button.

You want to make sure it’s oriented properly or you end up with the same problem. Then you insert the two ends. One is on the screen and it should be installed. Then the other is on the main motherboard. You slide that in.

When you sandwich the modules together, both should stack perfectly on top. If not, the ribbon is backwards. Pull the gray tabs out the screen, flip over ribbon, insert as far as you can, keep still, push in the two gray tabs. The other end slides into the main board easily. Teeth faces up like the components and plugs face up.