Assembly troubles - display [Solved]

OK so I now feel like a pillow for not being able to do this when no one else seems to be having any trouble, but I just cannot get my display cable to hook up to the Mainboard! Is anyone able to give me advice on how to get these to couple? Should I try and plug in the sheet part and then hook the little bar down over it?!


Cable looks upside down… i had no troubles following the guide; Capture.
If I remember right, there is only one way it will fit (just slide in). Just dont force it and break stuff :wink: Cannot send a picture of how to connect as my Gameshell is at home :frowning:

Yeah that’s part of the problem, I’m afraid of being too forceful with it! I can try it the other way round but I’m sure that would cause the whole thing to be back to front wouldn’t it?

Mine certainly does not “just slide in” though, as things are :pensive:

Hmmm when i get home I will take a picture of my assembly… will be a couple of hours though… sorry :frowning:

That’s OK, you were right, I had the bloody thing upside-down! No wonder nobody else had this problem! :roll_eyes:

YEAH ! Good luck and loads of fun with the rest ! Enjoy !

Thanks! And thanks for the help :slight_smile:

It has to be noted that the assenbly guide in our boxes have a mistake which is solved in the PDF version here:

I don’t remember what was wrong though :frowning:

There was a mistake on the manual, the wire of keypad module is 4 Pin and power is 2 Pin in fact, but they were shown reversely misplaced.

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I have to said that connecting the display to the board was the harder part of the assembly for me :frowning:

Thank you for that, I feel a little less stupid now!