Gameshell screen > mainboard assembly issue

I can’t work out if I’m just being an idiot here but I can’t work out how to assemble the screen to the mainboard. If I do it as set out in the instructions, the cable won’t go into the slot. If I do it so the cable fits into the slot then the modules are misaligned. And yes, I’m bending the cable on itself inside the screen case as instructed.

Either I’m being dim or the cable is the wrong way round, is it just a case that the mainboard cable was plugged in upside down when it was originally assembled?

Same here. I just got mine today and have the same problem. That’s because the ribbon connecting the mother board and the screen is upside down. Most likely this batch’s ribbons were placed upside down.

I can confirm that my ribbon was reversed too. I spent a long time trying to force the connector in until I decided to try unplugging it from the screen and plugging it back in the other way around. It works perfectly now!

Good to know, just been a bit aprehensive about doing it in case I somehow break something.

Thanks for the help! The only problem is that the screen has an orange line with a two rows of dead pixels. I was just wondering if you guys have that too.

So yeah, flipped the cable and it works, was literally installed upside down. Not seen any orange line, where are you seeing it?

Around the top of the screen

I also have two rows of dead pixels

Stupid question but have you taken the screen protector off? That little tab in top right looks like the peely bit.

Oh you might be right! I did not know there is a peel. But the dead pixels are for sure from the tire screen.

The the pixels are definitely a different issue, you probably want to email clockwork directly rather than wait for a reply on the forum.

Yeah that’s what I did so I am just waiting for my new screen to arrive.

Hello. I am new to clockwork and I just got mine. I have been having the same problem. If possible, do any of you have an image of the clockwork that works with the cable flipped? Thanks.

Hey everyone! Having trouble removing the part connected to the screen. If anyone could help me I’d much appreciate it

Pull the two grey tabs towards the cable, they will click open and you can pull the ribbon out, turn it around and push it back in. Then push the tabs back in until they click.

You are actually a lifesaver! I was about to breakdown :fearful:. Thank you so much! Hopefully this gets fixed! lol

Any updates about the orange lines should be lovely!

Yeah thanks! I am kinda dumb so I did not notice that there was a screen protector. The two rows of dead pixels are still there but it is much better.

:laughing: lol! good job! I am glad you figured out!

Got the same problem as you. reversed the cable and got some dead pixels on the screen.