Alternate case/ layout possibilities?

does anyone have ideas for an alternate case or layout?

I’ve thought of the idea of having a landscape case, using two arduinl keyboards either side of the screen in portrait orientation, and two batteries; one under each.
With the screen in landscape mode too, we’d be able to fit the speaker underneath it, and the mainboard behind the screen.
LR triggers could then be mounted properly to the corners. It would essentially look like a switch with a tiny screen.

There are a few posts with modified 3D files to print a gameshell case that allows you to have the light bar built in.

There’s another post with someone modifying their gameshell to be a clamshell style case.

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these are pretty cool! i might try one of the first two options once i get more filament for my printer.

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If you’re printing it yourself, this user made some nice cases that look sweet and will save you a lot of filament! Should have a higher success rate, and would look good even with a low res FDM Printer.

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looks cool! will consider it.

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Oh that is nice! I hadn’t seen this one before!