Clamshell foldable case

Just printed my first attempt at a foldable Gameshell case (I’ve nicknamed it the Clamshell). Is kinda like the Gameboy advanced sp, but laughably less portable when closed.
The main reason I want to do this is so I can add the lightkey and shoulder buttons in a way that is hopefully more portable than the Lego back, when flat open that is, not folded closed.
Unfortunately the hinge is too big and pushes the screen and clockworkpi too far away from the keypad and battery and the cables no longer reach so I couldn’t actually use it, but I thought I’d share it anyway.
I’ve also removed the speakers for now as I usually use headphones.




Hopefully my next attempt is more fruitful.


Smaller hinge, and the insides fit, but the cables are still too tight to fold.



Thats huge Z Wobble What kind of couplers you have?

Yeah i know, this printer is just stock, its got those standard aluminium spring couplers. I have another one that i mod, but thats out of order at the moment. I dont change this one so i always have something to fall back to.

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This inspires me to try and model out something simular myself. It’s shorter then the original case, so I assume you didn’t include the speakers in it? Also, I would suggest you copy the GBAsp by making the hinge the way they did it.

Yeah it i dropped out the speaker for this version, but i will probably put it back in in a later revision.
The reason i went with the hinge i have and not somthing like the GBAsp is because i want to to be able to fold flat like the current gameshell so its still pocketable. But there is alot of work to do on this to make it really usable.

Awesome idea, I love it! Makes me wish I had a 3D printer :slight_smile:

VERY inspiring. I was tinkering with the idea of a case re-design to incorporate the extra buttons. and to prove i’m an idiot the thought of using my 3D printer to make some prototypes never even crossed my mind lol.

just need to find the time to do some CAD work. but i’ve got myself quite invested in a VM version of clockworkOS for development.

I’m glad this is inspiring people, it’s the main reason I shared it!