Alternative devices while waiting for the uConsole

I designed battery chargers. One I designed for the rail industry actually ran forth and you could test programs on the fly. Z80 based. I am sure many are still out there. 12V 20A float chargers with temperature compensation. That was a long time ago.


man, I wanted to buy one of those when he had like a couple dozen for sale.

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Looks dope !

Wtf is happening here :flushed:

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Hey, I know that guy!

I know it is not in the same price range but boy I like it, you can get a full fledged linux, 4G, touch screen, nice keyboard, and it actually fit in my pockets.

The price tag is kinda hight tho and it’s out of stock nearly everywhere anyway.

Also you can do the same, maybe better, with a regular smartphone, a Bluetooth keyboard and a home made 3d printed case.

Anyway I would like to seen more products like that, wouldn’t you ?


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this is gorguos by the way - I had a psion PDA long time ago simular form factor and when adjust for inflation it is about the same… found an odd use for the beepy - I make camping list… so I use it to scroll down the list rather than print it out…

Camping 2023 List V1.4.6

[_ ] Hook up Camper Battery
[_ ] Fill Water Cans
[_ ] Crimp Non UL Adapter
[_ ] Insurance Card
[_ ] Tags/Registration

[N] extension cord heavy
[N] extension cord light 50
[_ ] Voltage Checker
[_ ] Electronics Cleaner
[_ ] Tools
[_ ] Tire Pump…

… I copy the file over using ssh and then use vim to list through it as I pack…

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check out taskwarrior (named “task”) and the associated tui for an extra powerful task manager…



Or you can try Emacs Org Mode or VIM with Org Mode plug-in.


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New toy whilst arrived whilst I wait … took almost as long to arrive as the not yet sent uConsole… :sunglasses:

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Heh, was looking at one of those at bestbuy.

Took forever to get it from Lenovo, they cancelled the order for no good reason, messed me around on the original order then buggered up the re-order.

Complained vigorously to customer support to minimal avail then escalated through Sales… Ended up with a 32% discount on the sticker price once I got Instant Savings and a “Oops we messed up” discount… So happy camper.

Now I’m setting up Win 11 Pro, Office 2021, TOR, VPN via TOR, Open VPN, Wireguard VPN, ZeroTier, Bitvise SSH client and server etc etc…

Nice setup, Not really what I would call an alternative tho

A risc-v 7-inch pocket pc made by sipeed.

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There are some really interesting devices. Some I could even imagine more practical in everyday life like the uConsole because you can put them in your pocket. But what I’m still missing is a camera, but I’m sure I’ll get it in the UConsole.

sharpikeebo V1.1



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I was going to build the blak rpi, but gave up when I started trying to source components.

don’t buy from them, they are either scam or nearly bankcurpted, i’ve funded the astro in 2021 but never got my device.

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I wasn’t gonna but thanks for the heads up. Amazing product tho, at least on paper

which divices is the astro the took I just do not see any or I just find it? then we can add the post maybe still a warnung?