Announcing the 1st Clockwork Game Jam Event

Yes! We will be hosting this Game Jam on, please allow us a few more days to work out the detailed rules and competition signup page.

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Sounds amazing. Shame I can’t make games…lol. I can’t find a reputable tutorial for them.


Just learn a language. Once you learn a Language, you can start


It’s always awesome to see something you wrote on a new platform…
And now we have a POC on the Gameshell!
Thanks guys for kicking off such a great event, and for making such an awesome device!

Time to really get to work now! Assets, performance, gameplay - the real work starts now.


Good luck! Looks like it is a platform game, any more info? The hero sprite is the one from phaser.js? Which engine/language do you use?


Sure! The POC there is simply a quickie tileset mockup using a few publicly available assets. That particular mockup is a platformer, we also used it to test a variety of things such as emitters, collisions, overlaps, framerate, tileset size, updateable fonts and dynamically adding/removing tiles. There were a few tiny quirks, but basically it did just fine. It’s about half the FPS of a modern laptop, but still completely adequate.
That NodeJS port is brilliant, and your thread on setting it up worked great.

The final product won’t actually be using any of these assets of course, merely the POC of using a phaser 3.15-based toolset on GameShell.

For the real deal, we’ll be using those techniques, but I’ll keep the surprise of what it is and how it ties into the space/cosmic theme for later :wink:

/edit For anyone looking for art assets, is running a sale right now…

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a good occasion to learn LÖVE2D.

@yong you mean deadline, but when is oficially start ? since we read it ?

btw : im noob with reward system : CPI points ? , Ethereum ? is a kind of forum money ?

This kind of thing is the primary reason I wanted to get a game shell. I originally got an RPi for the same reason, but constantly found myself wishing it was portable, but I wasn’t hardware savvy enough to do something myself.

This game jam seems like the perfect opportunity to dust off some old code in combination with returning to my RPi (at least until my GS arrives…) and my SDL/C++ project. I’m doing my own software renderer and am curious how CPU performance compares between the gameshell and a RPi 3. Anyone who has a GS already able to confirm any differences between them?




Submissions open from next Tuesday to March 1st, 2019

Theme: Space & Cosmos

You’re welcome to interpret it however you wish, but if you need some ideas to kickstart your creativity, think about how your game could have been discovered and played by the aliens on the Voyager probe when it enters the Interstellar Space.

Development Environment: any language that runs on GameShell

Specification of the ClockworkPi GameShell device could be found on and Kickstarter.

Deadline: must submit your game by Feb. 28, 2019

Have fun! Join Jam now


Question about the distribution - I’m using Phaser (and linking into the GSP UI), so it’s not a standalone executable.
What’s the best way to submit this? As a standalone web app for easy judging, or with instructions to plug into GSP, or with a shell script to install a whole standalone copy of the whole env?

Is PICO-8 considered a “language that runs on GameShell”? I couldn’t find any more technical rules or winning criteria in this thread, which is linked from the game jam page.

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PICO-8 is fine.
Actually, when you click on “Submit Your Project” button, there will be more detailed rules.

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I’m a bit torn here because PICO-8 makes things so much easier. I write code for a living all day almost every day and I have very little time and energy for the “boring” parts of development. PICO-8 solves that for me, but at the same time, it’s a paywall for potential players. If it was included with the GS like it was with the PocketCHIP it’d be OK, but I feel kinda bad about using it.

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Theres 14 days left and only one entry. Though I only got my console to try new indie games (im not a dev) Itd be really cool to see some new entries soon.


I had intentions of entering, but ty mobo died in my computer. :sob:

It’s a fair point.
While you could always export to Web - I agree, the point of the Jam is to create games to be run on GameShell.

I haven’t tried it - but it might be worth seeing if the Linux binary cart exports work on GameShell?
(I’ve not tried it tho…)

Just noticed that the official game jam page on has updated the due date from end of 28 February to 15 March. Was this supposed to be communicated on the forums at all?

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Reminder for GameShell 2019Q1 GameJam submissions due in 2 hours! :smiley_cat:

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Hey guys any tutorial for making a game on gameshell?

I am kind of a coder (dealing with data engineering like SPARK/FLINK) but have no experience in game dev. Wanna give a try!


due to a miss click on an invisible link at the bottom of page, sic, my dstar entry was removed from the compo …

i requested itch support for give it back (and request why entries can be removed, why without confirmation and why from an invisible link …)
no answer from now :confused: so you can get dstar from pingu entrie if you want give it a try.

another thing, why are we allowed to vote for games ?
all other compo i done in the past have judges selected by the compo organizers and composed by great dev / designer, organizers and community top persons (like webmaster of news site etc…)

what are rules for this compo ?